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Caesca is a Specialty Colombian Cacao associative project that surges from the need to promote Colombian cacao which recently has become one of the finest in the world, 95% of Colombia’s cacao exports are considered “Fine Flavour” by the International Cacao Organisation. 
Caesca advises growers and families from the region of Maceo-Antioquia, and Manaure-Cesar on the implementation of improvements in the harvest and post-harvest process of specialty cocoa production and the search for strategies to make them part of the insertion process to international markets and thus get better prices for their crops.

The project articulates the academy, the industry, and the producers represented by the association of cacao farmers of Maceo - ASOCAMA, and the association of cacao farmers of Manaure - CACAOMA.

Colombian Cacao Regions

Maceo Antioquia

Maceo is Located in the southern cone of America, on a jungle mountain, full of woods, in the subregion of Magdalena Medio, province of Antioquia in Colombia. Also, known as the "land of dreams", Maceo found in cacao production a way to rebuild their lives and an opportunity to reconstruct their history after being severely affected by a long-armed conflict. Maceo's people thus earned their identity as a cacao municipality in Colombia.

Manaure Cesar

Manaure is located in the southern cone of America, among the sinuously shaped Colombian central mountain range, surrounded by an imposing diversity of landscapes, fauna, and flora, there is the "tourist balcony of Cesar", Manaure. Despite a historical legacy of violence, due to the Colombian arm conflict, this town resisted and rises to become one of the most important agricultural pantries of the province. Amid cedars, bananas, cassava, and fruit trees, cacao pods grow as a commitment of people to peace, with a keen hope to open the doors of this balcony to the world.